Introduction: E-Learning platforms

E-Learning Programme has several platforms related to Laryngology: e.g., Diagnostics, Operative techniques, Laser Science, Quizzes and so on.

Dr Vasant Oswal. MB, MS, FRCS (Eng), FRCS (Ed), DLO, DORL: CV
Dr Liam Flood. FRCS, FRCSI: CV
Dr Sachin Gandhi. MS, FRCS: CV

Image-based learning

Image-based learning format is based on high quality image/s with Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ). When a choice is made by ticking one or more boxes, the page changes to show a short text of every choice and indicates the correct answer. The MCQs expand further to cover all aspects of the pathology seen in the image, thus completing the understanding of the disease or dysfunction seen on that image. At the completion of the MCQ section, a tab for Salient Points takes the reader to the condition presented in the image, its routine and advance management and so on. Current thinking surveys the latest literature at the time of writing. A list of relevant references follows for further reading.

The image-based learning concept evolved around the simple ethos: Every laryngologist is bound to come across at some stage of his / her career a patient with one of the images. The immediate needs are diagnosis and management. A few clicks will take him / her to the E- Learning area of APLA to learn how to manage the patient. And even if the specialist can manage the patient without going to the E-Learning areas, a visit there will reinforce diagnosis and management. There is a wealth of information in a nutshell in salient points which covers all practical aspects of investigation and management of the patient with that and only that image. Current thinking tab will take you to the most up-to-date information in the literature up to the time of writing.

This is our concept. The feedback will tell us its value and if any modifications are necessary.

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